Bearded Dragons Not Eating Could Be A Sign Of Anxiety

Everything that is old is new, and the resurgence in the popularity of terrariums is proof. The rage in the the 1970’s, time-stretched indoor plant lovers have begun to bring the terrarium back into home decor. Glass enclosed containers feature miniature plants and accents. Easy to take care of and perfect for the absent-minded homeowner, terrariums are a cinch to create and maintain. Here are some handy hints.

Some great ways to use your handmade terrariums might include decoration, gifting, or even selling at local craft shows or online. I bet your Mom would love to open up a package on Mother’s Day to find beautiful herbs that you planted yourself. Another great holiday would be Valentine’s Day for your significant other that loves to cook. Of course you could do them for birthdays and other holidays as well, but those were two of my favorites!

A 10- to 15-gallon enclosure will give your frog the amount of room that it needs. If you’d like to house 2 frogs, a 20-gallon tank is recommended. Be sure to use a terrarium with a tight, screen lid secure enough to prevent escapes. These frogs are great climbers!

The home that you provide for your bearded dragon should be of an adequate size. Never house a beardie that is more than 6 inches in length from the base of the tail to the nose in a Terrarium team building Singapore that less than ten gallons, if you plan on keeping more than one beardie they should never be housed together especially males as they will fight each other. Two females can be kept with one male but the more beardies you have in one terrarium larger the tank will have to be.

Another blooming requirement is bright light, but that doesn’t mean hours of direct summer sun. Too much direct sunlight can cause sunburn and scalding for orchids. Inside, you can experiment with windows, especially those facing south or you can use the Terrarium workshop or enclosure approach where you can place fluorescent lighting.

Like I said, I have four anoles, two are male and are wild, and the other two are female and were bought in a pet store. Now, I didn’t catch the wild ones; let’s just say I inherited them from a friend who no longer had the time to care for them. Fortunately, I had been caring for them off and on, so it wasn’t an instant “here these are yours” or a “what do I do now” situation. In fact, I grew attached to them over a short time period. Still I had a lot to learn about these wonderful, smart and delicate creatures.

Tarantulas can be a very rewarding pet and fairly easy to take care of. The first step is choosing the proper home to keep it safe and healthy. By providing a home similar to its natural habitat, you can ensure the happiness of your arachnid friend.

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