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Web design, as far as the overall look and appearance of your site, is an art. I am not saying that it can’t be taught, because it can. But to design a site that is really eye catching, that is something that you develop over time. However, the basics can be learned and you need to know them before you can ever build a web site that lands you a spot on the top 10 web site design list.

Your profile is (usually) the closest you’ll get to a face to face meeting with your client, so you want to make sure it’s up to date with your latest samples. You can also add your logo to your profile which makes you look more professional to a potential client. Also, consider making a promotional Youtube video (or outsourcing it if you aren’t so inclined) that a client can access from your profile. This can be a short video of you describing your skills, a ‘demo reel,’ a funny viral video, or testimonials from your clients. The key is to give the client an instant insight into the quality of your product. Most clients will check you profile before even reading your proposal, so this is the first and best way to make an impression.

A typical net book has 1GB memory and about 160 GB hard drive, internal wireless card, a 10″ screen, built in web cam, touch pad, USB ports and a media card reader. Many net books on the market use the Intel Atom processor.

You’ve probably abandoned a form through sheer frustration. Maybe the load times are slow, maybe it’s hard to see what needs to be filled in. Irritation or confusion could be costing you sales.

A website needs to be organised. When info is categorised or broken into smaller parts it’s much easier to separate information. Good kansas city web design may split parts of a web page into blocks. The top (header) is the title whilst the information below is the body. To the side of the body there should be a navigation bar. Many people tend to read from the left to right so try to insert your navigation bar to the left.

Don’t rely too heavily on WYSIWYG HTML editors like frontpage or mozilla firefox. They tend to draw you web pages to one side of the screen instead of being positioned at the center. It is still necessary to know basic HTML tags or at least what is it that you don’t know. One way to correct this error is: div align=”center” enlosed in angle brackets as other HTML tags. Or, you can use percentage instead of pixels to center the abnormal shift. More professional coders use cascading style sheet. However, Dreamweaver doesn’t normally give this problem.

There are additional things that you can do to further speed up the process, but unfortunately, they are dependent on what type of server your site is running on and a bit beyond the scope of this article (but generally fairly easy to setup if necessary).

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