Database Marketing – A Review Of Lori Feldman’s System Seminar 2007 Presentation

Are you planning a training workshop or event? Content will always be the most important factor of a workshop but logistics are often overlooked during the event planning stages. This has a big impact on the comfort of your guests and overall memorability of your event. Considering the following six points will ensure your event is remembered for all the right reasons and score you extra brownie points with your attendees.

Your job is not to call them up after the workshop to sell to them. Your job is to call them to offer to help them get what they so desperately want. One sounds like a salesman who is to be avoided. The other sounds like a friend who is interested in helping them achieve success.

Think outside the box and try to use that valuable garage space for your own purpose. There are those who turn their garages into miniature studios for webcasting. There are also those whose preferred type of garage workshop plan involves producing art.

If you’re using power tools, either a circular saw or saber saw will be needed, otherwise, you’ll need a handsaw. In addition, you’ll want to equip your art jamming singapore with pencils, a measuring tape, a lumber fillet (you can use plastic spoons for this!), a carpenter’s square and sandpaper. That’s it!

Be Art jamming sure to make your workshop interactive. If the students are not able to participate, it really is more of a lecture than a workshop. Put them to work and get them talking to each other. This is what they signed up for and you can make the process both educational and fun for all of the participants.

Once you have created a space for your Art jamming Workshop, whether it be a new shed or renovating an old one, it is important to consider your working surfaces, most importantly your workbench.

If your plan you are considering purchasing doesn’t include these elements, you might want to keep searching. The plan is your step-by-step building buddy. Think of it as an experienced carpenter that has all ready thought of everything that needs to go into your workshop and the order in which it needs to happen. If when you read your plan, it should feel like a helpful guide. That is when you know you have the right workshop plan.

Your daily creative workshop will act as a map for all the things you want to attract to you. The clearer you are in thought the better map you make and the quicker your desires come to you.

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