Diy Solar Energy System – Make Your Own Solar Panels

The first question that many new solar panel buyers ask is: how many panels do I need? First things first, let’s review some basic terms electricity terms you’re going to come across when shopping for residential solar power.

Solar power panels have different designs and sizes of your choice. You can also buy books where it gives you an idea what size of panel that fits your house.

Useful solar panel reviews provide the P.T.C. and cost per panel, therefore you simply divide the P.T.C. by the cost. To illustrate a 250 Watt panel from ET solar carries a P.T.C. rating of 223.6 Watts. If the solar panel costs $250, then the P.T.C./Cost would be $250/223.6W = $1.12/Watt. The lower we can bring this number the better deal we certainly have found. el paso solar energy are becoming more efficient and less expensive by the day, but on or after November 2012 a good target is $1.00/Watt or less.

A small portable solar energy panel is very easy to make. It only requires the appropriate items and the right method to build it. Methods regarding how to build a homemade solar panel are available on the internet in the form of e-books. These e-books can help you to do your work properly. You have to build acres of the portable solar energy panels to power your house. It is best to build lots of solar cells and put them together to make a big panel.

Normally, we measure solar panels by wattage and that is how we buy them. You can get solar panels for boats as small as 10 watts to as great as 200 watts or even larger. But it is simpler to understand when we change watts to amperage. We calculate these values by multiplying the number of hours the panel is in full sun (usually defined as 5 a day in Florida) by the panel’s wattage. For a 195 watt solar panel the amount produced would be 195 x 5 hrs = 975 watts/day. We can then figure, 975 watts/12 volts = 81.25 amps per day.

I learned the step-by-step process of creating a solar panel, and how and where to install it. I also learned how to maintain them, which is just as important. I was really surprised at how easy it was to wire everything together. It was cool to also learn how the energy that is captured is stored too. It’s a pretty awesome project and it’s shocking how many people still haven’t grasped the potential. If you have kids, you can get them involved and make it a family project too.

The geographic location of your home can affect the efficiency of your photovoltaic panel too. Generally the countries located at the top of equator have different sunlight hours and different ‘sunlight powers’ which get affected simultaneously due to dynamic seasons.

The sun is not a source of power for a utility company to charge its customers for. Make this a family affair by learning how to build a solar panel and save yourself money today.

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