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There are medical reasons too. If you get your dog used to sleeping in one spot it’s less likely to sleep on the floor or other hard surfaces which can cause arthritis and calluses in later years. Starting out correctly can help keep your dog fit and healthy. They even make orthopedic dog beds now to help address this issue.

She is always there when you need a friend ready to play or cuddle and she asks for so little. Food, fresh water, shelter and love are all it takes to make her happy but with all the things she does for you, doesn’t she deserve more? One way to show her how much you care is with one of the designer dog beds that suits her personality to a tee.

The size and shape of the dog and the bed have to be taken into consideration when masking your purchase. Measure the dog and the bed but remember that dogs enjoy sleeping curled up and stretched out. The bed has to be able to accommodate both of these sleeping positions.

Secondly, measure out your dog head’s size by tapeline. It’s not an easy to make it done. On the one hand, you should calm your dog down by tempting him to sleep or feeding him. On the other hand, tapeline will be used to circle out the approximate dimension of your honey dog’s head.

Alas, larger dogs often suffer from joint problems, arthritis, etc… Large dog beds will help in allowing your dog to sleep or relax in comfort off the hard, cold and sometimes damp ground which would only increase these problems. You can get beds made of memory foam, which gives more support to the long spines and limbs of the larger dogs. This can be invaluable in avoiding joint problems later in the dog’s life.

Bowsers Double Donut Dog bed retailed at around $167.95, takes the donut Hundeseng tilbud to a new level with its high-quality, elegant sofa bed with over-stuffed bottom cushion and top bolster. The micro velvet, zippered cover is machine washable and comes in over 30 colors and designs from floral to animal print. Your Golden Retriever will not take over your sofa ever again!

This piece will be fastened to the horizontal piece at the end with screws or small nails. If nails are used, place some glue along the joint before nailing. Once this L shaped piece is constructed, glue or staple a piece of carpet to the top side of the long piece.

However if you are looking for something that’s very special for your four-legged darlings, you could go for personalized dog beds. These beds are not only designed to suit your dog’s size but makes it more of a personal property of the dog by the inclusion of embroidered text consisting of your dog name or even more exciting is by having the picture of your dog breed imprinted on them. Personalized dog beds are fun and it lets the visitors of the house know who the bed belongs to. Makes your dog feel like royality, nonetheless.

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