Yoga Retreats – Exploring New Destination And Stay Fit

My good friend Miles visited us from Texas with aspirations to experience Costa Rica to the fullest. On the first day of his visit, he asked “So, what’s so great about Costa Rica anyway?” What a superb question! Anna and I took some time to show Miles what Pura Vida is all about.

The Caribbean was our next stop. It’s probably one of our favorite areas in Costa Rica. In addition to the laid-back vibe, lots of local artisans and clear Caribbean waters, you’re bound to see a sloth up close if you just stop and look around. To Miles’ surprise, a mama sloth with a baby visited us at Hotel Atlantida where we were staying for a night. What a treat! We are excited to be holding our next two Yoga retreats Cabuya in Costa Rica at the Goddess Garden in Cahuita as our guests will get such an authentic flavor of Costa Rica on the Caribbean coast and no doubt see abundant wildlife.

Take the certification course. It doesn’t have to mean you will be a teacher but you will know yoga more intimately than the average student. There are smaller weekend courses for the hobby yoga student that will give you a better understanding of your chosen practice, without the two year commitment!

Located in the Catskills, this Inn and Spa is a delight. Close to Woodstock and Phoenicia, there is plenty to do around the spa, but a lot to do in house as well.

Talk to friends or if you do not know anyone who practices yoga, then go online and see what information you can find. There are numerous online yoga information sites offering you clear practical and extremely useful information about all aspects of yoga. Some online sites offer you membership and the chance to watch online videos showing different yoga styles.

If you cannot visit United States then you can choose from amongst India, Bali, Nepal, Peru, or New Zealand- or common tourist destinations like Caribbean islands, Costa Rica, and Europe. Switzerland is the front runner if you are looking for a place in Europe as other than offering Yoga retreat, it also offers opportunity of mountaineering on Alps and see beautiful mountain rivers.

Take as much time saving up to a destination that you have always wanted to visit. Once you have enough, travel out and go enjoy. Different from going for a yoga retreat, traveling will take you to a further destination and teach you new things about culture, life, music art and much more. Traveling is not just a way to treat yourself to new scenery, it is also a learning experience, leaving you with enough memories to last you a lifetime.

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