10 Best Oprah Book Club Selections

Oprah Winfrey began the “Oprah Book Club” in 1996. During the fourteen years that the book club has been in existence, it has featured many classic novels as well as novels by unheard of authors. Here is a look at the ten Oprah Book Club selections that I consider must reads.

There are even babies named after horsepower. Have you ever heard of Hemi, Ford, Mustang, Chevy, or Dodge? Before you think that’s a little odd, remember that it’s simply a new twist on an old trend. Remember the name Mercedes? What about Porsche? The new modern names simply take this style of naming a step further.

An interesting aspect of modern baby names is that they are so new, and often so unique, that they don’t have set meanings behind them. This might appeal to you if you have an objection to the constant labeling society tries to push on adults and children alike. You might also like the fact that your child has a name so unique that even the most modern dictionaries and baby name books haven’t heard of it yet. Then again, it might be a very personal issue, and a combination of names that mean a great deal to you. That is a beautiful gift to pass on to your little one.

Take your date to the local flower market. Browsing through the huge selection of wholesale flowers can be an entertaining and great cheap date. Most of the vendors sell to retailers in large quantity but you can find some stands that will sell individual flowers as well. Get lost for an afternoon in a jungle of plants with your date and enjoy a leisurely walk afterwards. Buying an individual flower will be relatively cheap and can be pressed as they dry out to remember the date in the future.

Unique cat names. This is probably the most challenging and diverse category of boy cat names, and also one of the most enjoyable to explore. Unique cat names range from more obscure historical and figuras literarias to unique foreign words and unexpected everyday objects. (This latter example, of “unexpected everyday objects” is increasingly common if you let a child name the cat. With children given free reign, you may soon have a pet named Toaster. Get ready!) It can also be fun to search for a new moniker online based on the name’s meaning first rather than its sound.

CC: We’ve gained quite a following in the Midwest? Someone should have told us! We’re definitely still coming up in the industry, and it’s a challenging process. Lately we’ve been putting in a lot of work behind the scenes. Contacting producers/rapper/other artists for collaborations, trying to book shows, and marketing. There’s actually a lot to do behind the scenes, and we’re still learning about how it all works.

Though my genre tends to mystery/suspense, ala John D. MacDonald, Dean Koontz, or Clive Cussler, I quickly found myself embroiled in a world of illegal fight clubs beneath the streets of Manhattan. Much to my surprise, I liked it! Vaughn has a hell of a way with words. The characters and dialogue are enticing. I began to crave more of Vaughn’s world every day. And when I finished one book, I sought out the next, and the next. Yeah, I’m hooked, big time.

But there is no agreement among the scholars about any of these substitutes. On the other side of the fence are scholars who have no doubts about Shakespeare at all. In fact they assert that Shakespeare indeed wrote the plays and there should not be any question regarding his authorship claim at all.

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