Backyard Putting Greens Enhance Landscape While Shrinking Handicap

When looking into buying fake grass, take the time to really understand the differences between the various styles. Lazy Urban fake grass uses mono filament yarn made of polyethylene for natural looking but very durable grass, perfect for in the city where many people will walk on the fake grass. Lazy Spring and Lazy Summer are two other fake grasses available from the some company. The Lazy summer has a lower pile height, 25mm, then Lazy Spring, 35mm. The Lazy Summer also utilizes 4 color tones while Lazy Spring uses 2 color tones.

Fake grass lawns need minimal regular upkeep. There are no weeds and there is no need for the use of weed killers, insecticides or fertilisers. It is especially useful for busy families, the elderly, second home or holiday home owners.

Since there is no need for fertilizers, you can save your money. This goes as well to the sod care and equipment. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars anymore for a mower or turf trimmer. You don’t have to spend on oil and other equipment as well.

There are artificial turf manufacturers who make synthetic turfs that are specially designed to be putting surfaces. An cỏ sân vườn company can design a custom install for you that can include elevations, rough, fringe, and bunkers. Or choose the design that best fits your needs and budget. Most companies offer a free quote. You can be an ace at blasting out of the bunker and hitting out of the rough in no time.

Finally, at the other end of the spectrum of soils is the chalky soil. Chalky soils are alkaline and tend to contain a variety of small stones in varying sizes. Chalky soils make miserable lawn bases as they tend to dry out quickly in the summer. They not only have a poor nutrient base they tend to actually block trace elements that plants need – like iron and manganese. Chalky soil is extremely poor soil for a lawn. If you have a chalky lawn you’ll need regular and substantial additions of fertilizers and other soil improving enhancers. When squeezed, unless wet, chalky soil will not form a lump in your hand.

With my synthetic lawn, not mowing every few days is the major way I spend less time. I used to have to trim the Garden Artificial Grass early in the day on the weekend before the sun got too warm. This was always a true chore. These days waiting to be bought on an Online auction site, my yard mower rests in storage. There is basically no use for it. Similarly, there is no need for the weed whacker.

You don’t need to water it. Unlike real grass, you don’t need to water this. This can give you a significant savings in water usage, and can especially make you grateful for it during times of restricted water usage. In that case, while your neighbors will be decrying the state of their lawns, you can sit back and rest assured that your green lawn is yours forever.

None of the steps mentioned above requires a lot of monetary investment. They are not too much time consuming either. All these make artificial garden grass a convenient option to have.

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