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The festival season is about to hit us, and with weather (and musicians’ behaviour) as unpredictable as ever, we have to be prepared if we want to get the maximum experience. With this is mind here are some tips on surviving your weekend musical extravaganza.

I must tell you that even with this problem, I have listened many nights and enjoyed his superb playing, but Les is a perfectionist and as he said to me “I just got fed up with faking and knowing that I was not able to do what I wanted to do.” So the banjo sits in its case and is lifted so that Babs can clean underneath it!

The draw of Black Gold is their ability to draw on various eras and styles of music. This is seen in some of their other songs, such as “Shine” and “Plans & Reveries.” Both of the ansambel bring something to the mix, and when they work together the produce great music.

Another hurricane has just blown through the island. This one hit the eastern end, the tobacco-growing region. It was the 3rd storm in as many months and the crop has been destroyed. Cuba’s main revenue source lies ruined in the field. I assume everyone knows they’re in for more than their standard dose of hardship this year. Yet you don’t hear much about it. The people emerge from the gale and continue on just as they have for the last 500 years.

Music is everywhere and somebody sold it before and so can someone else. There are more advantages in doing this today than there were before. It is all around us and it seems every teen out there triples the number of albums they buy compared to adults and kids. This means that they need to be the target. Finding out where the majority is at determines what gets sold..

This variety of hearing loss is “sensorineural” or nerve damage from noise resulting in serious hearing loss. It can vary in seriousness and maybe result in out-and-out deafness.

Spend some time writing around your hooks. Being a good songwriter is all about having multiple resources, so start your next few songs, with developing a strong hook, that is phrase or melody, that is short, catchy, and not to difficult. The goal is to draw the listener in so they will here the genius that you have created.

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