Chakra Tuning Meditation

No one really knows how mantras work. By chanting and meaningless word it is said that the vibrations, of the sound helpful individual transcend modern life. Several religions believe that by chanting the name of God, that individual will draw closer to that deity.

Most books and experts suggest meditating in the morning, when our mind is fully alert. It will help you to focus, and you’ll be less likely to become sleepy. If it doesn’t fit your schedule to practice in the morning, then do it in the evening. Meditating has too many benefits to avoid it just because you can’t do it at the “ideal” time.

Japa beads, consist of 108 wouldn’t be tied together on a necklace. Holding the japa beads in one hand you say the mantra, for every bead, on the necklace. Hindus hold that 108 is a magical number or what have you, personally, I believe it is a great way to time your zen Baltimore without using the clock. Keeping your hands occupied while chanting a mantra can also help you focus more on your meditation. This will help deepen your meditation practice.

A 2008 study, titled “Regulation of the neural circuitry of emotion by compassion meditation: effects of medtative expertise” in PLOS One, found that those who meditated had stronger levels in areas of the brain tied to empathy.

Certainly, if you’ve had a stressful day, it may take some time to relax into this meditative state. So do have some patience with this. But again, the lighter you are and the less you “work” at this, the sooner and easier this sense of balance and peace will come.

The location you choose to meditate is crucial. It will more than likely be your home or a church. If you decide to do it in a room in your house, that’s perfect because you know you can be relaxed and uninterrupted. You also can wear anything you are comfortable in without worrying about any social standards. It does not matter if the room you choose is big or small, clear or dark, or whatever. As long as you feel comfortable and not restrained to do anything you wish to do during your catholic meditation.

Try this for now. Just allowing breathing to happen and allow feeling to happen. You should not describe the sensations, analyze them or think about them in any way. Just allow them while remaining resting in this moment.

And if you practice this mindfulness meditation technique while listening to this Shakti CD, then you will automatically begin to experience deep states of meditation, bliss and even self realization in a fraction of the time as it would trying to meditate without the CD.

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