Children’s Science Parties – A Route To Sanity?

Getting Science by Brian Clegg targets an audience of elementary school teachers who feel less than confident about teaching science in their classrooms. While I am not in his target audience, I’m close to it. (I love science and teach in small groups of homeschooled students.) Clegg did some things authors should do. He caught my attention, told me stuff I needed to read or wanted to learn, and kept my attention throughout the book. I learned a bit and further solidified prior knowledge. It’s a good book, and after reading this it, I hope many primary school teachers do read it.

Our beliefs and thoughts are nothing more than energy too! Looking back on the example of believing Science workshop we are not capable of making good friends this is nothing more than a form of energy within our mind. Change the energy, you change your belief. The good news is, it’s not hard to do this. All it takes is our intentions through meditation, affirmations, and visualization…PLUS the power of taking action.

Virtually all of these jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree and many will require a master’s or a doctorate. The science fair projects that your children do may give you a clue as to how to help guide them into a career in science. These jobs pay over $50,000 a year and some as much as $100,000 a year. Here are more details. Make certain that science fair projects are given all of the attention they deserve.

And that was my problem. I was one of those experts down the pub that has ‘been there and done it all’ and saw the Internet in a cynical way. I was issuing my own kind of verbal spam over a pint to anyone who would listen. Ignorance was bliss!

There are a number of children’s Science workshops for Primary schools kits available online and in toy stores. There are microscope kits, volcano making kits, butterfly kits, ant farms, and much more. Kids love these kits and will spend hours using them. There are even kid’s telescopes for looking at the moon and stars. As well, outdoor play can include finding and identifying insects, frogs, and different tree leaves.

Tyler: Lisa, I understand “The Secret Cave” is not just a straight story, but has educational supplements included. Will you tell us a little bit about those?

Seven years earlier while I was at Esalen in Stan Grof’s “Transpersonal Psychology” workshop doing certain breaths I felt my ajna center as a concentrated point — an actual place. I did a painting and by focusing on the painting I felt “ajna” more and actually put a dot on the forehead of a character in my painting (Silly Sy Ben) where the people from India put a spiritual symbol on their forehead. Now I have found out that concentration is a prelude to meditation. And in deed one definition of meditation is focused concentration. But I find that and all definitions lack. Your practice and experience is what matters.

Along those lines when the same ones show up again and again, you can figure you have found all that there is and then start looking at them to see if it is something you like. Some of the results will be articles, some will be forums or blog discussions about products and others will be websites. It will take some time to go through it all, but you should find a good list for your child to choose from.

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