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How could there be five good reasons to stop seeing your son I hear you ask. When I felt Jesus tell me to step out of my son’s life it was a hard day indeed. My wife had re- married and felt that her new husband would be more than adequate as a father to my son without me in his life. The choice not to fight for my rights was one that took me six months to decide before I gave in to the Holy Spirit.

. As Christian apologetics, this is our sole mission. Even if you do not like secular art you should still keep an open mind. How else are you going to be salt and light to a lost world when you keep your head buried in the sand? Pretending that you are right when you are really just being self righteous. God said he did not come into the world to judge it but to save it. If you keep your light hidden under a basket, what good is that light?

I’m willing to bet y’all can ramp this up, right? So when you awaken to another political loss, can y’all get meaner, spread more rumor and unfounded allegation, and further completely expose yourselves to be the liars, rumor mongers and just general hateful types you are demonstrating yourselves to be.

Wedding is a special event that requires visitors to wear their best formal outfit. Even if your son is not part of the entourage he still needs to look good. Pictures are taken everywhere. Of course, you do not want your son to be photographed looking ragged and shabby in his old formal wear. Then again, if your son is part of the entourage and is the coin bearer in the ceremony. You do not have to worry much. Surely, the wedding planner has taken care of the suits and gowns of each person who belong to the bride and groom’s entourage. Generally, men and boys would wear a practical tux or a nice fitted suit. Just ask your son to smile the whole ceremony and he will be fine.

But then, what is presuppositional apologetics freedom? In his letter to the Galatians, Paul is upset that those whom he helped lead to Christ and whom learned the gospel, were now being lead astray by legalists who were teaching that works of the flesh were also necessary for salvation.

So, please continue. Some famous military leader once said something to the effect, “When my enemy is making a tactical or strategic mistake, I won’t get in the way and stop him,” and so it is!

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