Liquid Vitamins And Dr Oz

Growing up it seemed as though I wasn’t the only one whose mother use to tell me, “Take your vitamins”. With the passing of the years and with a little one of my own to look after, I have come understand my mother in her wisdom when she uttered those words to me.

Let us begin with why the women on the reality makeover shows have breast surgery. If you think about it these women do not have long to complete their makeover. The transformations on these shows are virtually overnight. They do not have time to try any other methods such as pills, creams or gum.

These are “vitamin simulations” that just don’t measure up. Our bodies don’t recognize these chemicals as vitamins, but as intruders. As if we don’t have enough troubles on our own, now our cells have to work like crazy to eliminate these chemicals, along with the crushed-up rocks that are marketed as “minerals.” Evidence of this can be found in our urine, which often turns a bright fluorescent green. “Vitamin burps,” heartburn, and the jitters are further evidence that this stuff is fake, and that our bodies want no part of it.

Since most of us have very busy lifestyles, it is almost necessary to seek out a decent multivitamin. I personally don’t have the patience to remember to pop pills every day so I sought out a good buy Liquid Methyltetrahydrofolate that didn’t taste terrible.

Obviously you need to pitch your marketing tactics at intelligent, busy people who are concerned about their health and want instant results from vitamins. You could show a before stressed executive at office or stressed mom ferrying the kids and after executive in control of a meeting, mom laughing with the kids to show the benefits of these buy liquid vitamins.

Children who do not receive proper nutrients early in life can face severe physical and mental damage. In Afghanistan, many children lose their lives because they do not get the foods they need to thrive.

If you have any more questions don’t be afraid to give me a call! I am a real person and have a huge team of customers/reps that back up the GBG 10 in One also. In order to make a change in your life you have to change first. Start now and change your mind, body, and health for life.

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