Lose Fat And Look Like A Fitness Model

Proper recognition occurred during a White House ceremony Sept. 21 when Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Richard Etchberger was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor after saving three of his men in a battle that failed to make headlines at the time due to its then-highly classified nature.

At daylight, three members of the team still survived on the ledge. An Air America helicopter spotted them and hovered, lowering a sling. Etchberger broke cover, exposing himself to the enemy, and closed the gap between himself and his wounded colleagues.

When those closest to me model tanks watch me focus on developing a certain skill set they see but they more often than not do not comprehend. I develop new skills, out of a childhood of necessity and a lifetime of self-reliance.

One of the attending doctors was a neurologist who had the connections to change British Army policy. Dispatch riders were to be issued hard helmets, a measure that must have saved innumerable lives. The same neurologist pronounced that had he survived T.E. Lawrence would have lost his memory and emotional portions of his brain. Oddly enough this was probably what he was seeking.

Or, what I do when I’m doing the surf jams or trunks, is strap on an army surplus pistol belt. Don’t get nervous by the word ‘pistol’. It’s just one of those model tanks belts you see everybody wearing as a fashion accessory. The pistol belt also provides a neat space (near the buckles) to jam your tube of sun screen and lip balm (if no pockets).

The first detail to pay attention to is your ghillie suit itself. It may look great just hanging there empty, but when you insert your body into it, things get distorted and gaps may appear. Make good use of a full length mirror and a good friend to find places that need a little help. Keep some extra thread on hand and fill these places with thread or leaves or rags or whatever is called for. The improvement of your suit should be an ongoing affair. Bulk it up over time by adding more thread and in colors that will enhance its effectiveness.

As I said, I know there are things missing from this list but I only have so much time and space. I will report as much as I can and highlight as many things as possible. There seems to never be a dull moment in D.C. now that Obama is in office and the Democrats are running rampant in Congress. D.C. is turning into ‘Daycare for Dummies’ at our expense. Actually it’s been that way for a very long time now but we get to see and hear about what is going on more through television, radio and the internet. On to a new week……

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