Raising Dairy Goats – Important Facts To Help You In Rearing Dairy Goats

If you are looking for unusual meals, what about making a Jamaican stew? This recipe combines meat with vegetables and a few simple seasoning ingredients to produce a wonderful dish with lots of flavor. This Caribbean recipe uses okra, which is a tasty vegetable. You can use goat instead of beef for this dish if you like. This recipe will feed four to six people.

A diet that serves one person may not serve another. Your unique blood makeup will determine what suits you best. Some people do well eating meat while others do poorly when they eat meat. Some people do best on grains and vegetables while others do best with eating cheeses and other high fat & high protein foods.

Processed meat coated in more processed goat slaughtering flour drenched in oil is not the kind of protein you should be eating. Lean meats like fish, chicken and turkey are all vital parts of your meal plan if you ingest animal products. Seeds like quinoa and buckwheat are also fabulous sources of protein and are good alternatives, especially for vegetarians or vegans that need a little extra protein.

A female goat in a farm can start mating after the age of seven to nine months while it can be milked when the goat reaches a year. Goats give birth easily, so no special help is needed. However, the farmers need to make sure that the kids nurse from their mother, if they don’t, they should be fed from a bottle. This should be done right after the kid is born as this is when it receives the critical first milk which is called colostrum. After it is fed with colostrum containing minerals, vitamins and antibodies for a few days, the kid could be fed with milk formula or could nurse from its mother.

In learning how to raise meat goats, you must provide feeders in the shelter. If feed bunks are placed outside the shed, keep them covered to prevent rain water from getting into the feed. Waste can be minimized by using racks when feeding the hay. Gather necessary information on how to raise meat goats. Pick goats that are often used for meat production. Goats that are known for producing goat slaughtering are Boer goats. You should purchase a few female goats or does to be used for breeding. You should have the doe’s health checked by a veterinarian. Ask your veterinarian if the does’ condition is fit for breeding. Breeding may be done using artificial insemination. A male goat or buck is needed for breeding. Several pens in the farm are necessary to easily segregate female goats from male goats.

The best way to gauge if the area you have for breeding will be adequate is by allocating 1 to 2 acres of space per whole goat meat. This is an estimate, and some people just will not have that much space.

A major factor that makes Boer goat production easier is the goats’ fertility rate. Since Boers are highly polyestrous, they could mate as much as they can all year round. With this good fertility rate and with proper goat farming practices, six to nine Boer kids can be produced over two years.

You can also market your goats through local livestock auctions. Try to see if there are any auctions happening in your area either online or through the local papers. Try to enlist your farm’s name in the auction roster. Here, you would be selling wholesale to bidders, and usually the exchange of funds happens very quickly.

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