The Top 10 Stress Relievers

We all often find ourselves stressed and almost at the point of depression. The routine of having to wake up, find food and other material things and then back to sleep, is bound to cause boredom. Moreover, soon than later, you would realize that the ultimate satisfaction is not in this routine.

The people are whirling, having physical contact, moving all over the room, jumping, standing still, emoting, avoiding eye contact, laughing, hugging, resting, meditating, stretching, having eye and smile contact, whirling, avoiding running into each other, piling on one another, lifting one another, practicing a yoga pose, sharing with the other people, being.

To buddhism baltimore assume the pose lie on your back and extend your legs out in front of you. Take a few moments to breathe deeply. Place your hands close together, underneath your buttocks. Make sure that your palms are facing down and your fingers are free of tension. Adjust your legs so that they are close together. Release all stress from your legs, and allow your whole body to be at peace.

One fellow floating in the tubs brags that he is wealthy and seemed to tune into me and began speaking about a course I had been taking in L.A. It was amazing that he was expounding the very knowledge I was studying. One woman later was giving him undivided attention.

Another technique that was practiced in conventional Kaballah meditation was that you focus on a spot at the back of your head, an empty spot, a black void. Gradually your tensions and frustration would seep and vanish into the nothingness of the void.

Have you seen spots at the movies? Next time you go to a movie, see if you can notice spots appearing periodically in the corners of the screen. These spots are clearly visible to the aware eye. They are placed there as signals to projectionists to switch reels.

The point is that you can choose to live in your conscious life, or you can begin to explore yourself and your universe and discover wonderful things you probably never dreamt were there. And your ticket for that journey is mediation.

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