The Wood Pellet Mill Is Your Good Assistant

This week it is time to consider unthinkable option number three with regards to the federal budget. Previously we have discussed unthinkable option number one, do nothing and keep spending more than we bring in, and unthinkable option number two, raise taxes to make up the differences between revenues and expenditures.

I was curious what happened to all of this and did some checking around. It turned out that our county has a Community Reclamation Center. It is a place where people can drop off their recyclables. And it is a ways away from the landfill (thank God, lol). But further back in the reclamation center, there are a couple of free garden goodies.

Cut the pumpkin into smallish pieces first to aid the decomposition process and let the worms do their job. Don’t have a compost bin? Fall is a great time to get started so you’ll have a great additive for next spring’s vegetable garden.

Precut and prestack the wood and branches. The forked branches coming off a main branch should be pruned off so the wood can fit through the narrow 2-6″ opening of the wood chips making machine. Cutting the branches to fit and stacking them neatly and all pointing the same direction will allow you to feed the branches into the wood chipper as quickly as possible.

ONo overloaded electrical outlets. Connect all your strings of lights to an extension cord, and then plug the extension cord into the electrical outlet. Come back a little later and check the lights. If you feel the cords or plugs and they are warm to the touch, unplug them and change outlets. Plugs and wires should never be warm.

But what to do now? Well it is time to keep going if we want to get into the black. Time to take out the line item “Department of State and Other International Programs” ($35 billion) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ($17.3 billion). And when we do that guess what! We are now officially in the black!

The two sisters in this film have definite trust problems, but it just isn’t in anyway annoying. You can find countless movies that must be thrown in to the wood chipper, but this really is not one of them. I’d encourage any person who’s interested in some low-cost thrills and some zombie gore, to look at this film. Life is tricky, but thank goodness we have movies with living dead people today, that bring us content thoughts all of the way to the neighborhood bar and grill. Find a person you like and take them to this movie tonight, trust me, you might be glad you did.

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