Time Management-For Bodybuilders?!

When considering classroom management strategies it is critical that we take a different strategy from those who traditionally advocate a behavior modification approach if we truly want to help our students. Rather than punish and reward a student’s actions in order to change his behaviour in the classroom, we must look for the underlying cause of the behavior in order to really help the student. Punishers and rewards may change the student’s behavior today, solving our problem as a teacher trying to cover the curriculum, but it won’t necessarily carry over to tomorrow and it certainly won’t help the student today or tomorrow.

If you can’t find your desk – and have not been able to for years, then I recommend reading this book. I have reread this one several times in the last couple of years, and my desks (at home and at School management system) attest to the fact that I’ve followed much of his advice.

Management seeks to build trust between the various levels of employees. If that is lacking then production will suffer because too much time will be spent on managing distrust which is destructive. Building on trust will produce results and the same is true for parenting.

You don’t need any fancy operating hardware to make this possible, just a stable internet connection. You can depend on the online School management system Singapore software to do the rest.

Jack couldn’t read very well at all and when you gave him any maths work he would literally shake with fear — I’ve never seen a child react so negatively. He had deep seated fears that had to be recognised and dealt with. Adults should have limitless understanding when any child has educational difficulties but there should be no tolerance of bad behaviour. Adults should refuse to make excuses for bad behaviour and stop it in its tracks before it has chance to take a hold in school – or anywhere else for that matter!

The next FAQ you should have is one for new students – those who have been a member of your school for 1 day to 1 month. This FAQ can actually be several documents that you put together in the form of a welcome packet.

The school is also planning to give a laptop each one of us. Thank god, this will reduce my burden of copying the notes given during my absence in the school. I can just ask my friend to send an e-mail with an attached document consisting the entire day’s work. All I have to do is copy and save the document and my work is done.

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