Tips For Teaching Your Baby Math

I hate structure. I despise waking up to alarm clocks, cringe at the thought of doing the same thing at the same time every day, and whine at routines. But that’s me and my personality, and it’s not what my kids need. Structure is good for the children and it can be very important for homeschooling success.

Strange Curves covers some very odd curves, like the Peano curve which, even though it is of infinitessimal thickness, covers an entire plane, and fractals.

Procrastination – “In a minute,” “I will,” “Okay!” Does this sound familiar? Let’s face it, all of us would like to avoid tasks we don’t enjoy but most of us learn to get them over with so we can be free to do as we please. This discipline doesn’t develop overnight and it may take more than a firm discussion. If this is a problem in your home, you might want to keep your crew on a set schedule with gentle reminders as needed. In addition, you could offer incentives and rewards. Of course, there is always the possibility of withdrawing privileges if necessary.

Inattention in the classroom or at home may be due to ADD/ADHD, but it may also be due to an auditory processing difficulty or a visual processing difficulty. There are many similarities between ADD/ADHD, auditory processing difficulties and visual processing difficulties. There are a variety of remedies for each of these difficulties.

Remember to keep the two S’s in mind. Shop Smart. Also the old saying “You get what you pay for”, it does hold true to most cases. Like your math teacher advised PEMDAS to assist you on your journey to solve the 3.5 inch long equation before you in your Quantitative Aptitude Math Book, I advise you to keep PSS in mind to assist you in your shopping endeavors.

Of course, that is an extreme example, but it does pay to wait until you have something that adds value to the conversation before you speak. Too often, we tend to just jump in and talk just to be talking. Wisdom, according to the Bible, is being quick to hear, but slow to speak.

From there Pinocchio enter a cave with the smell of frying fish. He is caught in a net and is mistaken for a fish. Allot of times these youths will enter the subconscious symbol of the cave looking for a new faith. Many fall into cults. Some if they are lucky will join Jehovah’s witness. A good organization for were they are in life, but stayed in to long you will find yourself on the plate at a fish fry. Much like AA becomes a crutch too. All youths must move past this point. For Pinocchio, the police dog saves him from the fire. The dog might be the symbol of his own authority building within him to keep him out of trouble without AA or the Witnesses.

Behind successful students is a parent who took the time to spend with them. Every evening, sit down with your student and help them succeed. You will be rewarded with a teenager who has better grades and more self-confidence.

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